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ECG continue to marry their Emergency Lighting Expertise with Sustainable LED Retrofit Solutions! are partnering with various contractors and end-users across many sites around the country. One of our latest projects is supplying a sustainable retrofit solution incorporating DALI Emergency Controls to Goldsmith Hall student accommodation in Trinity College Dublin. We have engaged directly with the client on this project to keep the luminaires we supplied over 6 years ago!

In line with the construction products regulation and future legislation coming down the line from Europe all parts in these luminaires are inter-changeable and recyclable. The client initially required a LED Luminaire complete with Microwave Sensor for simple Energy Saving Controls and now is adding in Automatic testing emergency control gear for building compliance along with replacing any control gear that is near its end of life.

Hytronik Microwave Sensor for Simple Lighting Control

In addition to these luminaires we are supplying Emergency Escape Signage and Retrofitting Existing Outdoor Bollard Lighting from HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamps) to LED. This process negates any need to engage civil works that would be required if the fittings were replaced and in doing so contributes to the Circular Economy.

DALI Emergency Control Gear                                     

Luminaire Complete with Sensor, LED panel & DALI Emergency Control Gear

Other projects that are supplying are to the many build to rent apartment complexes across Dublin. We liaise with the consulting engineers and contractors during design phases to ensure the installations are fully compliant at certification. When the buildings are handed over we continue our relationship with the client by providing emergency lighting maintenance contracts to companies including Wyse property managers. We are also providing maintenance services to the growing data centre market and have open maintenance contracts with one of the new entrants, K2 Data Centres.

Through these contracts we also assist our clients with any lighting requirements they have from supplying control gear parts to full Emergency  Luminaires to avail of our broad expertise.



Why not contact us today for any emergency lighting or lighting requirements you have!

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